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T: 0113 345 7980
2x Operational Risk Assurance Manager
1x Operational Risk Framework Manager​​

​​Salary c. £65,000 

The Brief

Spencer Edwards took the time to fully understand and challenge me on my requirements

Senior Manager Operational Risk
2 x Operational Risk Assurance Manager
1 x Operational Risk Framework Manager

£60k to £65k + Benefits

The Project

With the development of a new 2nd line Operational Risk Oversight function, 3 new hires were required. These would be key roles for the business as recruiting the right individuals would prove vital to affect the future financial objectives and expansion plans of this team.
The lack of technical understanding and market intelligence demonstrated by the pre-approved recruiters on the YBS PSL had resulted in over 30+ individuals being reviewed and discounted – a waste of the clients’ time and money.
Having previously dealt with the Spencer Edwards team, the Head of Operational Risk requested our assistance in assessing the problem and review where the assignment had gone wrong.
Challenges to overcome included
  • Team culture, both internal and external perspective (a lack of excitement and future opportunity was perceived)
  • YBS Board influence, with significant investment from the board, pressure to impress with exceptional talent along with swift delivery was needed
  • Finding the right personalities (vital to creating a mature working environment, able to innovate, influence and ultimately drive this department forward)

We challenged the technical job description, gave insight into the Yorkshire market and set realistic expectations. We provided this advice on a completely independent basis assuming that having already reviewed over 30 individuals, suitable candidates may have already been overlooked. After our review these were all discounted except for a recommendation on an internal hire for the Framework Manager role, which was subsequently heeded.   
Spencer Edwards advised on their overall recruitment strategy and recommended that fewer competing agencies would improve not only the external perception but create some exclusivity around the roles, providing more focus and ultimately increase the quality of candidates attracted to the opportunity. Still untested to YBS, we suggested removing 4 agencies from the assignment and being utilised in conjunction with 1 other specialist agency.
We used our technical understanding and local profile in the Yorkshire market to engage with the leading non-active candidates. We presented the roles with enthusiasm, creating excitement around the opportunities that had previously been lacking.


The Results

5 CV's / candidates submitted
5 candidates invited to first interview
4 candidates invited for final Interview
2 Appointed Operational Risk Assurance Managers
Spencer Edwards was the only supplier to successfully fill these vacancies
Nb. 1 of the unsuccessful candidates from the final interviews is still in consideration for future opportunities
"Spencer Edwards, specifically James, took the time to fully understand and challenge me on my requirements for the roles and his understanding of the role went far beyond the profile advertised.
James met all potential candidates prior to interview, gaining insights into their character, aspirations and cultural fit and was always available as a sounding board to discuss the merits of candidates and ensure expectations were aligned to mine. This made selecting candidates for interview easier and resulted in a really effective interview process, as the candidates came fully prepared."


Senior Manager Operational Risk Framework & Assurance